What is Family Photojournalism?
Family Photojournalism, or Family Documentary Photography, is a more recent approach to portraiture, and is the pursuit of finding warmth, depth, and tenderness in our most mundane moments. 
The value of more traditional portraits is undeniable. But as we all know, those photographs represent a single moment in our best outfits, with our perfectly-done hair and makeup, perfect smiles in perfect weather, and with the perfect lighting. And while those portraits are great to have, they are documents of a final destination. 
I might, though, ask you to consider what the journey was like that got you to that point. We make the trip to the stylist, or the cleaners, or the shooting location with screaming children held tightly under our arms, or necessarily anesthetizing them with electronics while busyness happens around them. Those are usually the most memorable parts of the day. The documents of our final destinations only tell a small fraction of the story.
 Who am I?
My name is Jeff, and as a larger person with a background in security, I can be an imposing figure. But I find value in being soft-spoken and allowing scenes to unfold, rather than having a direct hand in posing or manipulating a shot. 
I love people, and I enjoy seeing others, especially family members, interacting with one another. I am passionate about documenting genuine human experiences, and I seek to find light in the darkest moments. I am at home in the chaos of family life, and I see beauty and complexity in the subtle nuances of human emotion, which I can offer to you as a part of my photography.  
Who is my ideal client? 
A great client for Family Photojournalism is someone who can function normally while on camera. Someone who has an interest in seeing their day-to-day routine memorialized, and who operates with an awareness that much of our experience tends to slip by, unnoticed. Someone who doesn't mind being authentic, messy, expressive, and human. 
My ideal client is probably not sedentary for too long. Relaxing around the house is great, and I would be happy to shoot that for you, but it tends to not photograph as well, and will certainly limit the number of shots I am able to provide. 
It is probably best to book with me during a time when you find yourself up and engaged, whether alone, as a couple, or as a family for crafts, cooking, grocery shopping, getting ready for school or work, or playtime. My ideal client will not have shot lists, or poses, and should not expect me to intervene. Being perfect on camera is not nearly as interesting as being yourself, and trying to jump, scene-to-scene, just for the shots, can translate as rushed and disingenuous on film.
If I see a small child doing something unsafe, I will do my best to prevent injury and notify you so you can put a stop to it. But if I see them preparing to spill cranberry juice on your expensive rug, or using permanent markers as a makeup kit, I will do my best to find a poetic angle to memorialize that for you, as well.